Version 1.0.1 Documentation


Complex number to perceptually uniform RGB subset mapping library Supports direct transformation of numpy arrays using remap, and integration with matplotlib using imshow, colorbar and colorwheel.

Plotting Functions

imshow(z[, ax, scale, profile]) Displays a complex image on the ax or the current axes.
colorbar([mappable, ax, cax, scale, …]) Generate a Matplotlib Colorbar
colorwheel([ax, scale, profile, rotation, grid]) Renders a colorwheel, showing the colorspace, with optional grid

Color Mapping Functions

remap(data[, scale, profile, return_int, …]) Converts an array of complex values to RGB triples

Scaling Classes

Scale() Abstract base class for defining a scaling function for the remapping of complex values to RGB colors.
LinearScale([vmax]) Linear Scaling
LogScale([vmin, vmax, lmax]) Logarithmic Scaling

RGB Color Profiles

RGBColorProfile([weights, gamma]) Defines a color profile in a given RGB color spaceby conversion factors for red, green and blue to the Y component of the XYZ color space, i.e. the white point.
sRGB_LOW Low Contrast sRGB Color Profile.
sRGB_HIGH High Contrast sRGB Color Profile.
sRGB Default sRGB Color Profile, Equivalent to sRGB_HIGH.